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Healing Frequency Sound Bath

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9/9 Portal Sound Meditation

Can you feel the INTENSE energies of love and peace entering our reality?

It feels BLISSFUL for those of us who are fully anchored into the higher realms.

Today's FINAL 9-9-9 Portal Gateway is the completion of the 3rd Dimension.

This is HUGE....

....planet Earth will NEVER be the same again after this portal.

That means all vibrations that allow for separation will no longer be perpetuated or tolerated.

Cause and effect will become much more obvious, even to those who have been completely unconscious about it.  Negative or shadow thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and activities will no longer be tolerated, period.

Sadly, most people have absolutely NO IDEA this is going instead, they are feeling the intense pain, anxiety, frustration, worry, doubt, scarcitym, lack, upset (in varying degrees) based on lifetimes of suppression, repression and unconsciousness.

This is naturally becoming more and more unbearable to them and will continue to amplify until they choose love, peace, kindness, and happiness through the process of becoming more conscious.

If you aren't feeling absolutely in love with everyone and everything ~ at least most of the time ~ You likely have some deep inner work to clear out the density and dross.

Today's 9-9-9 Portal Gateway is further intensifying the already intense energies....

If you can, take as much time as possible to sit still, breathe, reflect, meditate, align with love and peace, you will do just fine through this final eye of the needle portal gateway...which will continue throughout all of September...

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I am an auto-immune warrior! Healing myself while encouraging others to do the same.

*This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health professional.*


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