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Healing Frequency Sound Bath

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Crown Chakra ( 7th Chakra) Sahasrara is associated  with  the note B. It is located at the top of the  head. It represents  states of higher consciousness  and  divine connection.   Imbalanced  attributes  would be  cynicism, disregarding  what  is sacred, closedmindedness, and disconnection with  spirit.

Affirmations to help balance  the Crown Chakra:• I honor  the Divine  within  me.• Information  comes to  me  easily. • I Am worthy of  love  from  Divine  energy. • I Am open  to  letting  go of  my attachments. • I live in the  present  moment.

Crystals to carry to help balance chakra:• rainbow  moonstone • howlite • selenite• clear quartz

3rd eye chakra (6th chakra) Anja It is  associated  with the note A.  It is located  in the center of the forehead, between  the eyebrows. It represents  intuition, foresight,and is driven by openness and imagination.  Imbalanced  attributes  would be lack of direction  and lack of clarity.

Affirmations  to help balance the 3rd eye chakra:• I trust my intuition, always• I Am connected  to my higher power. • I Am  connected  to the wisdom  of the universe.• I Am wise, intuitive, and connected  to my  inner guidance. • I seek to understand  and learn from my life experiences.

Crystals to carry to help balance  chakra:

• amethyst• labradorite • lepidolite• lapis lazuli

Root Chakra  (1st chakra) Muladharawhich associates with the note C, consisting of the base of your spine and tailbone. This is your center for stability, security, structure, and patience. If we feel out of balance in any of these areas, this sound bath is designed to help us reconnect. Also aids in releasing  trauma and fear. The sound bowl is 432 hz.

Affirmations  to help balance root chakra:• I am connected  and  grounded through the  earth. •I am grateful • I am abundant • I am worthy  of respect • I am independent

Crystals to carry to help balance chakra• red jasper• garnett• red tigers eye• black  tourmaline

I am an auto-immune warrior! Healing myself while encouraging others to do the same.

*This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health professional.*


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