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Dream Tea

Dream Tea

Mugwort is a powerful visionary

herb that has been used for

centuries to connect us to the

spiritual realms. It enhances

intuition, psychic powers, and

dream work,

Blue Pea flower tea is rich in

melatonin, a hormone that

regulates sleep cycles. Drinking a

cup of blue pea tea before bedtime

helps improve the quality of sleep

and promotes feelings of

drowsiness and relaxation.

Traditionally, chamomile

preparations such as tea and

essential oil aromatherapy have

been used to treat insomnia and to

induce sedation (calming effects).

Lemon balm may also be used to

help reduce symptoms of anxiety

such as nervousness and


Rose petals have antidepressant and

anti-anxiety properties that can help

calm the central nervous system,

reduce stress, and promote relaxation.

They may also help with headaches,

tension and irritation, and can help you

sleep better.

Rosemary is an ingredient that

adds a fragrant, savory note to

dishes. Some people claim that

rosemary can help reduce

muscle pain, boost the immune

system, and improve memory

Potential Health Benefits of Spearmint Tea

Lower Blood Pressure. Spearmint contains

the compound (-)-carvone. ...

Help with Digestive Issues. Spearmint may

also contribute to a healthier stomach and

alleviate symptoms like nausea. ...

Improved Memory. ..

Lower Blood Sugar. ..

Antioxidant-Related Benefits.


Not for use in pregnancy except

under the supervision of a qualified

healthcare practitioner. We

recommend that you consult with a

qualified healthcare practitioner

before using herbal products,

particularly if you are pregnant,

nursing, or on any medications

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